tongtong retail shop

support farmers working hard by our best

We have many items for farmers needs, such as vegetables, flowers, seedling, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, agricultural machinery, agricultural materials and working cloths.

retail shop sado island

This shop are located in Sado island (The biggest isolated island of Japan), surrounded beautiful sea.We are supporters for farmers working hard in rich  nature like flying Toki birds. And we support from management for farmers to life living for make them smile by smiling everyday.

OPEN 1996 Feb.

Sado-City, Niigata-pref.

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retail shop kamihayashi city

We sell fertilizers, agricultural chemicals and agricultural materials in Mirakami city where are in a plenty of paddy rice field area for Iwafune Koshihikari (Top bland  rice).

We manage our shop by policy for trying to develop agricultural world with our farmers.

OPEN 1998 Feb.

Murakami-City, Niigata-pref.

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retail shop 5001 gosen-city

Hello. Everyone ! ! We are Ton Ton Gosen shop (Retail shop for farmers)

We manage our shop by aggressive willingness for finding many happiness with our farmers.

If you come near by our shop, please visit us!!

OPEN 2000 Feb.

Gosen-City, Niigata-pref.

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