President Message

株式会社 冨山 代表取締役 冨山道郎

Our company started business for selling fertilizers in August 1950, and become Company Limited (Changing organization), we could have 60 years memorial last October 2014 since establishing our company. We appreciate so much from the bottom of our heart for the big support of our business partners and it is the result of their special favors to us. We are also thankful so much to our senior, board members and others who have supported our company. If we look back 60 years history, there were ups and downs like rapid economic growth, oil crisis, dollars crisis , bubble economy, lehman shock, deflationary for 20 years and added export tax from Chinese fertilizers.
And in our agricultural world, farmers become old and uncultivated areas have been increased and not enough for successors of farmers, and TPP. However age was changed widely, in 1992 (this year is Mr Tomiyama become president), we started to sell Sumi Short from Sumitomo Chemicals. This fertilizer include agricultural chemical which avoid that rice plant fall down to ground. Then, we had new slogan for harvest of improved rice and improved shop, improved manpower for better sales of Sumi short. And in 1996, Ton Ton Sado Shop (Retail shop for farmers) was established. And in 1998, Ton Ton Kamihayashi Shop (Retail shop for farmers) was established. And in 2000, Ton Ton Gosen Shop (Retail shop for farmers) was established. Then in 2001, we started to import fertilizers from China, and become good sales for Chinese fertilizers and invested China plant in 2004. And in 2007,
We established east port distribution center and vegetable market.

However we had many difficult situation in past, we appreciate so much from the bottom of our heart again for expansion, development of our business by the big support of business partners and support by our board members and employees.

In time of 60 years anniversary, young generations are our main leadership and we aim at Solution Company, Smart Company, Glocal Company (3 key words) which is our target style in 2020. And now we are going to establish plat form of vertical integration type and Multi channel. We will establish company characteristics suitable for 21st century, and go to challenge for meet next 100 years anniversary for secondary creation of our business.
We would like related partners to more support and appreciate your past support in last 60 years.

Our target is Total solution company for Agriculture, we will try to become supporter to make transaction between food and agriculture by vertical integration and Multi Channel.

anniversary magazine 60th
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3rd Presient Michio Tomiyama

    1950 Born.
    1973 Apr. Graduated at Dokkyo-University (The department of economics), joined Sumisyo-nousan Co.,Ltd.
    1974 Jun. Transferred temporarily to Manila (Philippines) branch at Sumitomo Corporation.
    1979 Jul. Joined Tomiyama shihei Shop Co.,Ltd(Present name is Tomiyama Co.,Ltd) .
    1992 Nov. Becomed President.
First generation


Born last Jan 17, 1888.

Established Tomiyama Shihei Shop in Namiki-cho, Niigata-city.

Soybeans cake, herring cake, fish cake and superphospate were handled.

passed away last June 4, 1971.


roots shop

Founder (Shihei) was born in Takeo, Niigata-City.Origin of Tomiyama Family was shipping wholesale.

They were transferred to Namiki-cho, when they started whole sale business,

there were almost no car in that time, there have been hardship topic he carried products by bicycle trailer up to

iwamuro(over 60km away) in most far place.This topic have been told to present employees.

2rd generation

tomiyama takahiro

Born in Namiki-cho, Niigata-city in 1920.

After finishing high school, he joined takasago-rubber company in Tokyo.

While working there, he also studied at night shift at Chuo-University.

After war, he come back to province and started business.He established company limited in 1954.

He changed company name and transferred his position (president) to his first son (Michio), then became chairman in 1992.

He passed away in Sep, 2009.

Company establish

Company was established in Kamiookawamae-6 ban cho.

 In 1950, deregulation of fertilizers was started and free sale became possible, so he started again his business as wholesale founded by first generation, and he become second president. After 4 years since that time (in 1954), he established Company Limited in Kamiookawamae-6 ban cho, Niigata-City.In that time, there were few car only in public, but they had 2 cars. And, it is said that they had car garage that is used in aggressive sales activities.

long story company

niigata company

In 1971, head office which had been for 17 years, was transferred to Oroshi danchi, Niigata-city from Kamiookawa-maedoori. In that time, there are few company only in Oroshi-danchi. Now there are many company buildings, but head office of Tomiyama Co.,LTD have looked history in Oroshidanchi for 35 years.

 We are one of the oldest member in oroshi-danchi. Please trust us regarding to Oroshi-danchi.

Fuboku Society (which connect between customers and companies)

company outing

This society was established in 1988. Established purpose was to make friendship with business partners. When this society was established, memorial general meeting, overseas travel (Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Soul, Hawaii) was carried out. Presently this society are organized by 36 x retail shops, about 20 x manufacturing companies. Every year friendship travel with our customers are carried out.