Company Profile


Tomiyama Co.,Ltd.


Michio Tomiyama


In 1916


Nov, 1954


10,000,000 JPY

Board members

President  : Michio Tomiyama

Senior managing director : Ryuzo Tomiyama

Managing director : Masaaki Abe

Executive : Takao Kojima

Kinds of Business
  1. 1.Import and sales of fertilizers, agricultural chemical,
  2.  agricultural materials.
    2.Sales of rice and vegetables.
    3.Managing Farmers market 「Tommy’s」「Otomi-san」.
    4.Sales of vegetables and rice by internet.
    5.Managing retail shops for farmers. 「Tong-Tong」.

Numbers of employers.

As of Oct, 2014.

Head office : 23

Nagaoka sales office : 4

Kamo sales office : 6

Farmers market : 7

Web shop : 2


Niigata Agri Planning Co.,Ltd:4


Seeding Co.,Ltd.:8

Head office

East port distribution center.


2434-43 Shimami-cho, Kita-ku

Niigata-city, Niigata-Pref.

Established Nov, 1954.

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Nagaoka Sales Office

nagaoka shop


2-4-5 Shinzan, Nagaoka-city, Niigata-Pref.

Founded in Nov, 1969.

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Kamo Sales Office

kamo shop


6-34 Joujou Kamo-city, Niigata-Pref.

Established in April, 2004.

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Niigata Agri-planning Co.,Ltd.
(Managing Ton Ton sado shop.)

Seeding Co.,Ltd.
(Managing Ton Ton kamihayashi, Gosen shop.)

Capital Ichi Maru Roku Co.,Ltd. (Importation Business)

Chongqing Shichuan Taian Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

(Production of fertilizer)

Company History